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              How much will my website cost

              The next step is asking how much the total cost of your project when completed.
              We take pride on building modern responsive websites that adapt to any sized screen, your website will look great on all devices. A great looking website is often a client’s first impression.
              If you require a custom design to suit your personal requirements, we would be more than happy to exchange our knowledge and experience.
              Our prices are a guide you may find depending on your requirements it will work out far less.

              1 PAGE  WEBSITE (CMS JOOMLA)  £450
               4 PAGE WEBSITE (CMS JOOMLA) £675
              10 PAGE WEBSITE (CMS JOOMLA) £950
              ADDITIONAL PAGES £135
              HOSTING £126 per year
              GDPR COMPLIANCE £75
              LOGO DESIGN £110 per logo
              BACKUP COPY OF WEBSITE £45

              CMS (Content Management Systems) Latest Technology
              Website personalisation is often based on user ability, so any web design will be customised to meet your requirements. All our clients are given a summary of the total cost involved before any work commences. The benefits being both parties know up front what’s involved so there's no hidden surprises.

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